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Beyoncé covering Ex Factor

Message from Anonymous

YOU HAVE THE TEASER?! why haven't you posted it?! *faints*

no i don’t have the teaser, i was joking! they were pretty strict with cameras, I don’t know how anyone sneaks a video.. I’m sure SOMEONE has it!

Message from Anonymous

i saw you posted the panel (intro) for marvel on sdcc .. didnt you recorded the video?

yep :)

jk no i didn’t sorry!  

Avengers: Age of Ultron Cast Assemble at San Diego Comic Con 😆


I bought a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Psylocke from Kotobukiya for my brother and some asshole broke into the trunk of my car and stole it (among other important things). I tried going back today and they were sold out. 

People are selling theirs right now on Ebay for $200, which means they only bought it so they can make profit out of it. I bought it to bring happiness to someone I care about and who would appreciate it..

Ain’t that some bull.shit. 

Hashtag fuckyou.